In collaboration with the City of Oslo, Clean Sea Solutions is launching two innovative technologies to reduce and prevent the inflow of plastic waste into the ocean: an automous robot and a modular floating dock. The Clean Sea Robot is an autonomous, electric, floating aqua-drone that “sweeps” and collects plastic trash that has collected in coastal areas. It uses a combination of computer vision and remote sensing, and it can also collect a wide range of data using sensors both over and under the surface.

The robot gathers trash and and stores it on board, disposes it at a dedicated docking station, and recharges for the next mission. The Clean Sea Flexi Pod is a flexible, modular floating dock with integrated waste collection. Plastic debris flows from around the pod into internal collection pools with “waterfalls” created by electric pumps. The Pod operates independently or in combination with other collection devices. Clean Sea Solutions has two additional products under development.The Clean Sea Flexi Bin is a solar-powered floating container that collects waste. The Clean Sea River Pod collects downstream river waste above and below the water surface.