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Waste Station on Water

The smart new
floating return point

A concept for a better waste management solution for small boat travellers in Norway and beyond

The waste station on water is the ideal return point for small boat waste

Durable marine waste collection
Notification via SMS when full
Adaptable to common marinas

There are more than one million registered leisure boats in Norway. Such many recreational boat holidaymakers also generate large amounts of waste. Waste bins on land are often filled up faster than expected, and waste bags and other waste are left outside the bins. Crowded cans and trash on the outside attract birds and animals that pull out the waste, which the wind again spreads out into nature and ends up in the sea. It also causes problems with annoying odors in the summer heat. The need for emptying varies, and it is especially the weather that works - days with nice weather leads to a lot of waste, while bad weather gives less. Which gives little predictability and accuracy for the service crews in the archipelago service


Clean Sea Solutions has in collaboration with Kristiansand municipality in Southern Norway - which is one of the most popular destinations for boaters with its coastline of 300 km and over 3000 islands, as well as islets and reefs - developed the Waste Station on Water as a completely new smart and user-friendly solution for waste points located out in the skerries for a better service offer to boat owners and at the same time streamline waste collection for the municipality. The project has been supported as a part of the StartOFF program by the Ministry of Municipal Services and Modernization in the Norwegian government.


Why choose the Waste Station

Modern design

  • Manufactured in organic materials to withstand rough treatment

  • Space on deck for easy retrieval and insertion of waste bins

  • Closed system to prevent stray waste


  • Exteriors clad in Megawood DELTA®, a GRP recycling material from recycled wind turbine rotor blades delivered by Fritzøe Engros

  • Powered using solar panels from SUNWIND


  • Equipped with smart sensors from NordSense to monitor trash fill level

  • Alerts fire

  • Visible on charts with AIS position

Easily integrated

  • High freeboard and entry from smaller boats

  • Mooring points

  • Placed freely or attached to piers

  • Can be delivered as a self-builder set in flat-packed modules or assembled.

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