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The waste-collecting

floating dock

With over 700 liters of waste capacity

Aquapod collects plastic waste before it reaches the ocean.

Durable marine waste collection
700 liters waste capacity
Adaptable to common marinas
Easy and automatic operation
Notification via SMS when full

Plastic waste going astray in marinas and other waterfront areas is harmful to the environment and a significant source of pollution of the world's oceans. The Aquapod removes plastic waste from marinas and other waterfront areas by creating a water flow into a net, trapping waste, and securing easy and effective removal. Its features a flexible and attractive modular floating jetty with an integrated system for collecting and storing marine plastic waste. This includes a high-quality pump system that creates a waterfall inside the system, attracting plastic waste from the water surfaces around the installation. The system has a storage capacity of 700 litres of plastic waste. It can be connected to the 4G network for constant monitoring, webcam, and SMS notification when the internal unit needs to be emptied.

The internal collection unit is equipped with a unique closing system that prevents waste from leaking out again if the system is switched off or a power failure occurs. The internal collecting system is visible under hatches of strong scratch-resistant plexiglass so that the public and interested parties can see the waste that is collected and how the system works. The unit can function as a stand-alone or be connected to regular docks and piers. It can also be integrated into already existing or planned floating docks and units, such as kayak jetties, sauna boats, etc. Aquapod can be equipped with sensors for data capture according to the customer's needs. The Aquapod has an internally stored lifting system so that one person can easily operate on emptying and replacing waste bags.

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PG-AquaPod removes marine plastic waste from marinas and other waterfront areas by creating a waterflow into a net, thereby trapping waste and securing easy and effective removal.


Designed for a 

smooth integration

Marine plastic waste tend to circulate in some areas in harbours. By placing the system close to these spots, the collecting effect can be optimized.

Technical specifications

  • Power consumption - 850W 

  • Size 2,4x6m

  • Filtration capacity of 100m3/h with industrial centrifugal pump 

  • Collects all particles larger than 2mm 

  • Connectivity - 4g for notification to customers via SMS and website 

  • Connection - 230VAC/50hz 

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