An autonomous

waste-collection drone

Revolutionizing the way marine plastic waste is handled. 

Developed for marinas of all sizes.

Aqua Drone 1 is a fully electric, autonomous aqua drone, designed to remove marine plastic waste in and just below water surfaces in ports, canals, estuaries and other marine and aquatic environments. With a size of only 200 x 108 x 81.5 cm and a weight of 55 kg, it is easy to transport and operate by one person. The drone is built in modules that can be easily mounted and disassembled in parts that weigh less than 20 kg. Aqua Drone 1 is designed as a robust catamaran with a collection unit, and a unique system for self-emptying in a specially designed stationary waste pool. Aqua Drone 1 is ideal for collection and bathymetric surveys in port areas, canals, rivers, estuaries, and lakes. Aqua Drone 1 is controlled via a graphical user interface, Vehicle Control Station (VCS), developed by Maritime Robotics or via mobile app. The app provides manual joystick-like control, while VCS has several control modes, such as course and speed control, course control or waypoint control.

For waypoint control, the operator can easily schedule assignments consisting of individual waypoints, or use templates to create common "lawn mower patterns". Furthermore, live monitoring of sensor data quality parameters and visualization of actual data is provided in VCS. Sensor parameters can also be adjusted in VCS. The drone can also be equipped with sensors for mapping the seabed and the environment. Aqua Drone 1 is equipped with electric motors and four powerful and easily replaceable battery packs. This makes the drone the best in class when it comes to capacity (24 hours) for drones of this size. The battery solution is built on standard components, which provides easy access to spare parts worldwide.


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Technical specifications

  • Size 200 x 108 x 81.5 cm

  • Weight 55 kg

  • 24 hours of battery capacity

  • Controlled via a graphical user interface, Vehicle Control Station (VCS) or mobile app