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Cleaning Drone V1

An autonomous

waste-collection drone

Revolutionizing the way marine plastic waste is handled. 


Developed for marinas of all sizes.

Cleaning Drone V1 (CDV1) is an all-electric, unmanned surface vehicle (USV), designed to remove marine plastic waste in and just below water surfaces in ports, canals, rivers, river mouths, and other marine environments. It is particularly suitable for cleaning up plastic waste along quaysides and in other hard-to-reach areas for larger service vessels or operate in a "lawn mower pattern". CDV1 is an easily deployable turn-key system developed in partnership with Maritime Robotics AS based on the “Otter-platform” a proven and robust catamaran equipped with a collection unit and a unique system for self-emptying in a self-designed stationary waste pool. CDV1 is controlled via a graphical user interface, Vehicle Control Station (VCS), developed by Maritime Robotics or via mobile app.

Technical specifications

  • Electric thrusters powered 

  • Interchangeable battery packs

  • Off-the-shelf components

  • A size of only 200 x 108 x 81.5cm and a weight of 55 kg

  • Integrated bathymetric survey sensors

  • Self-emptying

  • Best-in-class endurance 

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