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Clean Sea Solutions has ambitions plans for the future. 

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Why invest  in Clean Sea Solutions?

  • The history of Clean Sea Solutions begins with an environmental problem that everyone wants to solve

  • We are building a brand with a clear profile, a simple and strong objective focusing on the marine environment, and robust innovative technically advanced products with proven efficacy. 

  • Our products and solutions are practical and robustly designed, but also high-tech, products with visibility and broad appeal

  • We have strong industrial partners from the Norwegian oil and gas industry, maritime activities and autonomy entering into the environmental industry and green growth with valuable expertise and implementation ability within the development of high-quality products and series production

  • Our customer base is consisting of established pilot customers, early adapters, and partners in the value chain that ensures rapid implementation and market entry of the products

  • We offer high-tech tools that can work in tandem with voluntary and professional clean-up efforts and measures to increase the focus on preventing marine waste pollution


A growing market.

Over the last 4-5 years, there has been a growing awareness of the problem of marine plastic waste. There is a growing recognition that commercial actors and impact startups must play a significant role in the clean-up and in preventing more influx of plastic waste into the sea. Based on current trends, we can expect that over the next five to 10 years that waterfront areas with human activity will increasingly have systems for active cleanup of plastic waste under water and in water surfaces, or meet new requirements and regulations on such solutions from authorities, organizations, customers and the public. Green solutions and clean water will be a competitive advantage in more and more business areas. Europe has 37,000 km of inland waterways and more than 70,000 km of coastline. The European Boating Industry estimates that 48 million European citizens and a large number of tourists regularly participate in maritime leisure activities. There are more than 10,000 marinas with a total of more than one million berths inland and along the coast, in addition, Europe's 3024 commercial ports handle more than 3.6 billion tonnes of freight traffic and 410 million boat passengers annually.

At the same time, we see a trend with an emergence of urban renewal strategies where industrial areas, harbors and unused waterfront areas have been regenerated into new vibrant districts with a mix of offices, homes, restaurants and cultural offerings, etc. Such projects aim to connect the sea and rivers with the city, recreate urbanity, and revitalize the economy. An increasingly environmentally conscious public that makes clear demands on politicians and the business community for increased efforts to preserve a clean environment and find environmentally friendly solutions. National and local authorities have an increasingly strong focus on climate, environment and sustainable economic growth. Environmentally friendly and "green" solutions are a competitive advantage within an increasing number of business areas in the business community. Our focus of business is to develop stationary and autonomous solutions for canals, rivers, estuaries, ports, marinas, and other waterfront areas of human activity. In these areas, measures to clean up plastic have the greatest effect and there is an identified responsibility.

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 6, Clean Water and Sanitation 

Clean Sea Solutions’ technologies reduces plastic pollution, contributing to sustainability of the ocean.

SDG 14, Life Below Water

Clean Sea Solutions’ products improve the quality and sustainability of water resources by addressing the impact of of plastic waste inflow.

Investor Relations Contact


Per Elvestuen

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